Million March Against Child Abuse

Million March Against Child Abuse

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Movement History

January 2012 - Present

For nearly a decade, a passionate and committed citizen and child abuse survivor, working privately on behalf of children around the globe, had been watching and "taking the temperature" of the nation's hundreds of thousands of growing individual social media pages dedicated to children who had become victims of violent crime. These "keyboard warriors" inspired her and gave her hope that one day; the silent epidemic of child abuse in America would be exposed. She believed that the opportunity could present itself when many of these "rogue" advocates, some with little information, guidance or know how; but all with one common goal, to stop the silent and growing violent crimes against our nation's children. Many of the page owners had personally experienced the loss of a loved child, and many more were survivors of childhood rape or abuse. What was truly interesting during this time was watching these social pages grow tremendously with followers who wanted to just reach out and support these pages with words of comfort and encouragement. Our Facebook page has now grown to over 15k followers.

Maybe these hundreds of thousands of page owners had never volunteered their time with a child advocacy organization, maybe there were none nearby in their local area, or they just didn't know where to begin, but one thing was for certain, many American's would soon learn the magnitude of child abuse in this country. There was in fact, seeds being planted for what could become a turning point for our nation's children.

Lack of education/awareness, lenient sentencing, lack of media coverage, lack of federal/state mandated reporting, lack of resources such as mental health, children have little political value, yes to all. Lawmakers may not be willing to hear us, but they will soon see and hear us! Perhaps, then much dialogue will start, the truth will prevail on real issues, and we can talk about better protecting our nation's children. This is why we need every single person to join us and walk in April, National Child Abuse Prevention month.

Child abuse is 100% preventable through tougher law enforcement and education. Children are the world's greatest natural resource and should be protected above all else on earth. For more information on how to put together a walk in your area, please visit our Facebook page at: