Million March Against Child Abuse

Million March Against Child Abuse

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Million March Against Child Abuse

About MACA

MACA is a non-profit, non-partisan, grass roots-nationwide effort, founded by Children Without a Voice (CWAV), to encourage all Americans to join in walks across America during National Child Abuse Prevention month in April. We seek to raise awareness of child abuse and violent crimes against America’s children which is still a silent epidemic by educating the masses and encouraging tougher sentencing. “How can we American’s in good conscience continue to rescue and aid the rest of the world’s population, when we don’t even acknowledge the atrocious crimes being committed daily against our own children in our own backyards?” – Child Advocate, Lin Seahorn

Statistics on crimes against children each year in the U.S. are staggering, sobering and should compel EVERY adult, parent, father, uncle, son, grandfather, mother, aunt, daughter, grandmother, churches and corporations to ACT NOW. At the most recent Washington Congressional hearing on child abuse in June 2011, experts testified they believed more than 10 children die each day from abuse. NCANDS, the national database for crimes against children, didn't receive data from 3 states in their latest report! States are NOT federally mandated to report child abuse & neglect (CAN) or child fatalities as a result of CAN!

Americans donate $120 million dollars each year to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and only $5 million to prevent children from abuse each year (it's a hidden epidemic).

Unlike many diseases, child abuse is a willful act and 100% preventable through education and tougher law enforcement. Child Abuse deaths in this country are 4 times higher than all fallen soldiers in the War on Terror. If we had 10 children dying each day in this country from polio, our nation would be outraged. If you are not outraged, you're not paying attention. We must let our nation and lawmakers know that Americans will no longer tolerate inadequate laws and light sentencing for violent crimes against children. Now is the time and we need YOUR HELP!

Children are the World's Greatest Natural Resource and Should be Protected Above All Else on Earth ~ Lin Seahorn, Founder, CWAV


CWAV is dedicated to raising awareness and preventing crimes against children, child abuse and neglect, through advocacy and education with providing classes and free preventive educational materials nationwide.

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